the Gareth Morinan Alternative New Act of The Year Award

Are you a new comedian? Do you think what you're doing is too alternative, too cutting edge, or just too mental to be considered seriously by any respectable new act competition?

"We are looking for the next big alternative comedian. Someone who, when you see their act, you just know they will be getting the odd paid gig within about 3 years (5 max). I'm really excited to be a part of this!"

Gareth Morinan (founder and director of GMANATYA)


THE FINAL: Monday 2nd July 7.30pm at The Wilmington Arms (free entry)


Lucy Ayrton
Katie Bridgit O'Brien
Michael Brunstrom
Joseph Davies
Jack Gardener
Jeff Lantern
Adam Larter
Anthony Miller
Ian Miller
Ian Whitfield