Press from 2012

Press from 2011

[review] The Skinny have published quite a nice review of my show.

(4 stars, you can't get better than 4 stars!)

"Clever, funny and original, Gareth Morinan is going places - see him now"

[review] another good review from Three Weeks... however it inaccurately states that I use powerpoint and that it's 1 hour.

just another example of shoddy journalists failing to check the facts!

[article] this American website have mentioned me in an article about use of the c-word... not that I even use it in my show!

[tv] somehow I ended up appearing briefly on the BBC Culture Show to do an abstract portrait of Sue Perkins. i think there was quite a likeness.

[preview] have a gander at this article on Edinburgh Spotlight about the show. or don't... you probably know most of the information already.