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STATISTICS: Lowest - 3 stars, Highest - 5 stars, Average - 3.625 stars

★★★★★ FringeBiscuit - "Joyously daft and constantly surprising"

★★★★ Chortle - "This is a show unlike any other you will have seen" 

★★★★ The Skinny - "Gareth Morinan is going places"

★★★★ ThreeWeeks - "Extremely enjoyable and original"

★★★ The List - "An energetic and innovative debut"

★★★ Spoonfed - "A delightfully creative sense of humour"

★★★ FringeGuru - "An enjoyable voyage through the madness"

★★★ No Boarders - "The best of Morinan is still to come"

BBC Radio - "Mischievous & surreal doodles and fast paced gags"

Crazy Days and Nights - "There was SO MUCH to enjoy"

Published Writing

The Independent - articles about heightism and comedy

The Huffington Post - blogging about Edinburgh Fringe 2012 

The Guardian - data analysis of comedy reviews

Spoonfed - illustrated article on Fringe Zodiacs

ThreeWeeks - why short people aren't funny

Acting Credits

The IT Crowd (2013) 'Troy'

Vexed (2012) 'Clive Wilkinson'

Life's Too Short (2011) 'Graham Morris'

The Culture Show (2011) as self

Short Work (2011) as self