my latest data-analysis has been deemed worthy of posting on the Guardian Datablog! You know you've made it into the data aristocracy when  starts following you on twitter.

another piece got picked up by The Independent. basically I provide a rational response to some nonsense 'protest' story that was in the news the week before

wrote this piece about the Fringe censoring titles. Though I also use it to subtly announce the lanch of the Gareth Morinan Fringe

got this article published in The Independent (online blog) comparing Derek to Life's Too Short. Within a couple of hours there was someone criticising me on the comments section below - huzzah!

if i had to choose my second favourite thing after comedy, it would be data analysis. and if i had to combine the two somehow, then i'd probably do something like this

Are comedy reviewers sexist?
Are Comedy Reviewers Sexist? - paper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [296.5 KB]

when not performing comedy I like to intellectualise about it in an often unproductive but sometimes enlightening way. I guess the best example of that is this.