Gareth Morinan nominated for the TOP AWARD alongside Fringe veterans!

Controversial stand-up Gareth Morinan has been nominated for the top Fringe publicity award, the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award. He garnered praise when he exploited a loophole in programme costs in order to highlight the increasing inequality and corporatism of the festival (and launch a campaign to get elected as a Director of the Fringe). 

But yet again Morinan finds himself in a David and Goliath situation where he is the little guy (metaphorically speaking). Also in the running for the award is comedy superstar Richard Herring, who has been flaunting his vast TV-wealth by giving away DVDs.
But Herring isn’t the only Goliath! Morinan is also up against veteran performer Lewis Schaffer, who has been flaunting his immense influence by securing Richard Herring and Brendan Burns DVDs to give away. 
But Herring and Schaffer aren’t the only Goliaths! Morinan is also up against Barry Ferns, who has been flaunting his immense upper body strength by carrying a PA up to Arthur’s seat every day. 
With this selection of Goliaths, it is unlikely that a single lonely David will scoop the award. But one thing is for certain... at the Malcolm Hardee Award Ceremony, Morinan will be chucking rocks at somebody’s eye!

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