What are your views of the Fringe?

Dear Comedy People, I have recently been elected to the Fringe Society Board of Directors, thanks to all who voted for me. The Board has the power to decide on most things directly controlled by the Fringe Society. A lot of things are controlled by other parties (Edinburgh Council, Venues, Promoters, etc), but the Fringe Society still has some influence when it comes to lobbying those parties to make changes. I want to use my position to represent the views of those performing comedy at the Fringe. The best way to do that is to ask you, so I thought I'd set up a survey to get an accurate assessment of your concerns. However, as anyone with knowledge of statistics knows, the results of a survey often hinge on exactly how the questions are posed. So rather than set them myself I want to ask you what questions you want asked...


- If you have a concern or query about the Fringe, please express that in the form of a question (along with multiple choice answers if appropriate).*

- Email that to me (gmorinan@gmail.com) with 'COMEDY SURVEY' as the subject.**

- Questions will be collated and a survey sent round in September.

- I will present the results of this survey at the next meeting of the Fringe Society Board of Directors.


* I refer in this piece to those 'performing' comedy, but those directly involved in other ways (producers, technicians, promoters, etc) are whole heartedly encouraged to submit also.


** In the interests of complete transparency I will publish a full list of questions submitted to me along with the survey. If you wish your question to be submitted anonymously then please say so in your email and I will not include your name in the published survey.

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