Fringe 2013 - SUMMARY

Gareth Morinan is Playing The Numbers Game was performed daily 3 - 24 August at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh. 



And a solid 3 star show to back it up...

Fringe Guru "This show has got it all"

Chortle "A unique force to be reckoned with"

The Skinny "Absolutely inspired"

Fest "Real innovation"

Three Weeks "Endearingly geeky"

One4Review "Exemplary with use of holding screens"

Broadway Baby "Lacked the payoff his publicity seeking antics anticipated"


I was also elected to the Fringe Society Board of Directors.

Edinburgh Evening News story on the election

Herald article which mentions the election

Event magazine article on the election


I also won the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society Best Bridge award.

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